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Why is it your last laptop?

May 19, 2011

This is not a big secret: Ipad is a hit, IT companies are rushing producing and marketing tablets, and PC sales are at best stabilizing, or at worst simply dropping. Consumers are simply changing their habits and the way they consume internet and other “apps”. You might have in your hands the last laptop you ever bought…

The new experience provided by the tablets is probably the primary reason of such a great adoption. No need to be stuck at a desk anymore. People use their tablets anywhere, and at any time. This is an interesting change of consumption habit, which seems to be more than just a phase. The touchscreen is literally a breakthrough in the way we interact with technology. The painful point-and-click previous experience is now looked as part of the past, somewhere between the diskette and the CD. The contact experience is definitely part of our habits now, making for example drawing on a computer far less stupid than before.  The speed of use is also decisive. Based on an ARM architecture, the tablet can be turned on in a second, which is of a practical use for meeting, presentation, or any use on the go. Some businesses found very quickly the benefit of such device.

The 2008 financial crisis had an unexpected effect on the technology industry: people are seeking cheaper products. They still want to benefit from the same features, but at a reasonably lower cost. Tablets can be found as low at $155, and though still provide the essential feature of any laptop: internet. The question remains to know if they are ready to pay a tablet for the same price of a laptop.

Is there any hope for the laptop? Well sure there is. Tablets can not technically compete yet with classic computers, and real gamers (World of Warcraft, Counter Strike, NOT Angry Birds) will still rely on their laptops for a long time. Programmers and engineers also won’t see any benefit from using a tablet. Just not powerful and practical enough. Just a question of time though.

But surely soon enough, and before the emergence of another technology, most of the market will strongly rely (if not only) on tablets.  We entered in a new era of technology consumption. Although the primary use of a computer was for writing software, internet is now pervasive, and is by far the most used application. It seems that we can absolutely do everything we desire with internet, and we tend to rely more and more on it. It is thus normal that our need to get access to it increase as well. We can not take the time to use internet anymore: we need it now. And tablets are simply better device to answer such need.

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